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Random word for the day

September 25, 2011

Creative writing exercise.  Get a word from a random word generator and write about it.


The first time I remember using fusible web was on some t-shirts either in junior high or high school.  It was one of my mom’s ideas to make wearable, individualistic shirts for cheap.  We took cheap t-shirts, fabric from her stash, trim and buttons.  We cut the fabric into random shapes.  Fused them onto the t-shirts.  Then outlined the shapes with various trims.  My t-shirt was a golden brown color.  The fabrics were animals prints (even then, the 80s, I liked animal prints).  Then outlined the fabric in the various trims which were glued on with fabric glue.  I can only remember two of the fabrics I used…one was leopard print and the other was a rust colored snake print.  I can’t remember what my mom or my sister did though I do remember them doing this craft project also.

The second thing this word makes me think of is working with my husband.  He is a master electrician and early in our marriage, I helped him wire houses, apartments and whatever else he picked up.  I did it until we got caught up financially but it was rather rough on my torn rotary cuffs.  The first time I helped him my arms were so tired by bedtime that it literally hurt to move them even a little bit.  I remember sobbing as I’d never hurt so badly.  The work got easier but I always had to be careful how I yanked the wire and avoided working over my head like the plague.  It was during this period that I discovered that I’m a bit claustrophobic…working in crawl spaces triggered that realization.  Also being on ladders made me nervous.  I would lean so hard into them that I would bruise my shins.  Never did learn to work his “whirly gig” screwdriver, though.  That one was just beyond me.

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