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Honoring Zeus

September 19, 2011
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After reading a Ritual for Jupiter-Ammon, I was inspired to alter/rewrite/put-together the below ritual for Zeus.  May he find it pleasing.

Honoring Zeus

SETUP: Clear ritual space. Put altar in center of space, face east if possible. Put on or near the altar the following items: decorations, Hestia candle or fire, water, salt, rosemary, bowl, lighter, incense/candle, food and drink, knife (if needed for cutting offerings), and an ancestor offering dish.

Pour some water into bowl. Add salt.
With earth and water
Drop a flaming rosemary needle into water.
Fire and air,
I charge this mixture with the energy to purify.

PURIFY SELF: take some of the charged water

(touch forehead) May I be pure in thought,
(touch tongue) may I be pure in speech,
(touch heart) may I be pure in heart,
(touch palms) may I be pure in action.

RITUAL OPENING: Light hearth fire/candle. Hail Hestia by reciting the following:

Hail Hestia
Lady of the Hearth
Keeper of the flame
Where ever you are, the Gods have a home.
Enter this space and make it your own.
Give me your blessing and guidance.
Accept these rites, grant each just desire

Praise unto the Gods! Praise unto Zeus! Today I offer

a) Incense:

you a delightful fragrance!
May you accept and be pleased
with this humble offering given freely.

b) Candle:

this light that it may illuminate me in your eyes.
May the sight bring you joy.


Hail Zeus, Father of Gods and Men
Wherever you are, the gods will follow.
Be welcome here now and always.

My loving lord I call out to you
Answer me truly
As I freely give myself to you
In trust, in love, in praise
of you.

Gracious Zeus
Look upon me with favor.
Stretch forth thy hand in blessing.
Be gentle with me,
make my burdens light.
Forgive my errors and
guide me to better acts.

Bountiful Zeus
Aid me with my worldly cares:
protect my family
give us good health and
a little more than enough.

Mighty Zeus
Protect me from evil,
which is within and without.

Blessed Lord, answer my call
be here now.

PURPOSE: State the purpose for the ritual. (To honor, to make a request, etc.) Now is a good time for meditation and/or divination.

I come before you this day to…


Come O Blessed Zeus.
Partake of these humble offerings,
freely given in reverence of you.
Take the offerings
as token of my love and gratitude.
Enrich them with your blessings
so that I may partake of your joy.

Recite now a hymn/poem/prayer in Zeus’ honor.

Lord Zeus, you can be found in the light of day
And in the depth of night,
You guide the ones you love
with wisdom and understanding.
You are merciful and benevolent
whenever your devotees err.
You protect or guide as is needed,
yet always a constant force,
A light for your devotees.
Generous you are with your bounty,
giving each their proper measure,
helping those whose needs are great.
I honor and praise you Lord Zeus.

Set some aside for the ancestors and spirits saying:

I give this to you, spirits and ancestors,
may it bring you joy.

Partake of the offerings saying:

May I never hunger.
May I never thirst.


O Blessed Zeus,
you have honored me with your presence
and received offerings given in love.
Once again I entreat you to
Watch over me and mine.
Look kindly on our efforts,
for it is through you we receive all blessings.


Hestia, Lady of the Hearth
Keeper of the Flame
Where ever you are, the Gods have a home.
Smile on my rite and accept my offerings.

(give any unconsumed food/liquid offerings to her/fire if possible)

Bless all here with peace and your goodwill.
With thanks I say, hail and farewell.

End the ritual saying:

This rite has ended.
May it lighten my heart
and smooth my way.

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  1. Stephen Glaser permalink
    September 19, 2011 11:09 PM

    A very good rite.


  2. October 10, 2011 10:21 AM

    I have made two changes to this.

    I have added the ringing of a bell to mark ritual space/time as the first thing I do after setting up the altar.

    I then move the Hestia Invocation as the first ritual action after the ringing of the bell so that the rosemary can be lit from her flame.



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