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Gods and bad things

September 13, 2011
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I think this quote from Sannion’s blog is very apt…

“The presence of the gods will not shelter us from bad things happening, because it can’t: bad things are just a part of physical existence. Because they were mortals even Sarpedon, Aeneas, Melampos and Antony had to taste of death, despite being well-loved by the gods. What the presence of the gods does is help us heal and grow stronger, help us pick up the broken pieces and form them into something beautiful and meaningful. Bad things are trials that make us wiser, stronger, more compassionate and creative. They are the fuel of evolution that helps us to reach our full potential as human beings. It gives value to our experiences. I look at the face of my beloved and I know there’s a chance she won’t be here tomorrow. But now, in this moment, she is here with me and so I will show her how much I value her, never letting an opportunity to express that love go by unanswered. That is the heart of Pagan theology – recognizing the fragile and ephemeral nature of existence and celebrating it as much as you can, while you can. All the rest is just empty talk, especially when you are trying to hold the gods to a standard they never agreed to in the first place. “

I find myself continually amazed at how this man gets to the heart of a matter so well.

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