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What about the full moon?

September 11, 2011

I’ve always loved full moons but since I’m not Wiccan, I’ve started wondering more and more what and how to celebrate on the full moon spiritually.  So what does a girl do?  She pulls out her goddess dedicated deck and asks!

I laid this out in the shape of a labrys, (handle up) 8 cards.  1 and 2 are the handle with the rest shaping the blade left to right, two rows of three cards.  Used Hekate’s Pearls of Wisdom.

  1. Should I celebrate this or not?  Queen of Swords – emphatic yes with no room for argument.
  2. Why?  Star – to give yourself hope, to give and receive, to connect.
  3. and 6.  First do this:  Judgement & 5 of Cups – Ground, center then mentally reach out with prayers.  Then discuss what is troubling you.
  4.  and 7.  Next do this:  4 of Cups and Knight of Wands – Offerings:  libation, sweets and scents.  Move on to the next part.
  5. and 8.  3 of Swords and Hanged Man – (had a bit of trouble ciphering this one) Take to heart a different point of view which made me think of divination.  Studying the 3 of Swords, I drew up a full moon tarot spread, then pulled 7 cards to define each position.

Full Moon Spread – make a circle of the first 4 cards:   1 at the top, 2 to the left, 3 to the right and 4 at bottom.  The next three cards go in the center to form a heart or triangle:  5 to the left, 6 to the right and 7 below them.  (One of these days I’m going to remember to take a picture of the spread before I put my deck away.  Really!)  Below is my reading for tonight, again using Pearls of Wisdom.

  1. Earth/Financially : Where do I need balance?  9 of Pentacles – Stop worrying, you are doing fine financially.
  2. Water/Spiritually:  What should be spiritual focus be?  10 of Swords – Stop the self-flagellation.  Your shadow-self has control here.  Don’t let it fill you with self doubt.
  3. Air/Mentally:  What do I need to contemplate?  7 of Pentacles – Think about how to better balance inner and outer needs for you reap what you sew.
  4. Fire/Physically:  What do I need to do? 7 of Cups – Actively imagine positive events/results for you create your own reality.
  5. Leave behind:  Queen of Swords – leave behind inflexibility, rigidity, narrowmindedness
  6. Bring forward:  Knight of Wands – bring your sense of adventure, your creativity.
  7. Affirmation:  Hermit – “I am the bridge between earth and heavens in service to the Gods.”

Quintessence:  Lovers – Commit with love despite self-doubts.



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