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Tarot Journaling: Page of Wands

September 2, 2011

Today’s card was the Page of Wands from Animals Divine Tarot.

Since I’m not a fan of bugs, this card kind of creeps me out.

Today was the start of my “adventure” in being without Hubby and child for 5 days.  I’ve had to roll with the punches…not sleeping well despite the empty house (boy did that  piss me off which translated to anger dreams when I finally did fall asleep after 4:30am), first something was cancelled, then I was re-invited by someone different, confused about that, then had other people fill in some of my other blank time spots…all this done via Facecrack.  So messages is obvious as  Pages are often messengers.

Actually having so many people wanting to meet up with me is new and different.  I have tried hard to cultivate friendships  that were more than virtual so this appears to have paid off some.  This morning, I tried very hard not to let the original cancellation get me down…after my first bit of wallowing.

I think all of this is found in the meaning of the  Page of Wands (I hate court cards…they often give me fits).  The bugs tell me to look at the situation from a different, more positive, point of view.  (I’m told that bugs are useful not just creepy and crawly.)

So there you have it.  Did I miss anything?

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