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Deck Interview: Animals Divine

August 31, 2011

deck by Lisa Hunt

This is the second deck of hers that I currently own.  Picked this one up at the Borders closeout sale.  I get a real…peaceful feeling from this deck.  Almost soothing, like everything will be ok.  Spread can be found here.

  1. Most important characteristic:  Chariot/Freya – to get you moving forward, a meditation vehicle
  2. Do:  Page of Wands/Sadrapa – help you pin point what is “bugging” you
  3. Don’t Do:  Judge/Gao Yao – does not judge you or make decisions for you
  4. Teaches:  King of Pentacles/Ahau Kin – uses for (or maybe through) “dream time”
  5. How use:  7 of Wands/Bee – focus, vigilance (daily), problem solving; working seeming alone but actually as a small part in a vast organization
  6. Final Thoughts:  Emperor/Zeus – help you work through tumultuous times; lots of power/strength to this deck
  7. Who? – Knight of Sword/Kulkinnoku – your guides
    1. Pop out card – 10 of Cups/Whales – familial ties (feeling of peace, love and longevity) aka ancestors
    2. Pop out card – Wheel/All Animals – animal guides
    3. Pop out Card – 4 of Pentacles/Beaver – THE builder (Zeus as the ultimate creative force); build you up for life’s issues?

Looks like back to tarot journaling for me!


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