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Hymn to the Gods

August 30, 2011

I’ve been using a version of Sannion’s hymn to say every Noumenia but lately it hasn’t been feeling right.  So I wrote up my own.  Not sure if I am entirely happy with it but it is a good start I think.  Since Zeus and Hekate have told me repeatedly to simplify, reduce my focus, etc.  I only named the divinities I actually work with or who I acknowledge their direct effects (in the case of Demeter and Persephone) or blessings (Apollo, Artems and Hephaistos) upon my life though I did add a line that mentions them all.  We shall see how well this is received. (edited same day before bed)

I hail thee oh Mighty Gods of Land, Sea and Sky
First there is Hestia, Lady of the Hearth, Keeper of the Flame
Wherever you are, the Gods have a home
Be welcome here, now and always.
I Hail Zeus, King and Father of Gods and Men
Who is equally interested in cities and the home
Nothing happens but by your consent.
I Hail Hera-Hekate, Queen and Mother of Gods and Men,
Mysterious and lovely, guardian and guide
Beloved Lady of Light and Shadow
I Hail Hermes, Wandering One, Guide and Messenger,
Silver Tongued Thief, Writer’s boon and bane
Here is another to lay at your feet.
I Hail pale Selene and fiery Helios, my time keepers,
for lighting the sky and lifting my heart.
I Hail Gaia, the earth, third rock from the sun,
broad-bosomed and life sustaining, every gift comes from her.
I Hail Lady Demeter, mistress of fields and blessed Mysteries
together with her daughter, flower-loving Persephone
who turns the year with her travels to and from Hades’ abode.
I Hail Lord Apollo and his sister Lady Artemis, the Protectors of Youths
Thank you for watching over and guiding my son.
I Hail Lord Hephaistos, Master Craftsman of many wonders
Thank you for your protection and guidance of my husband.
I Hail all the many Gods and their attendants of Greece and beyond
not mentioned by name but who are no less honored by me.
I Hail the daimons of Nature, whether called nymph or fey,
Those of the mountains and of the sea, of the forests, gardens and plains
Those of running and still waters, those of the wind and of the flame
I Hail the Ancestors of blood and interest who shaped my world
And help guide me through with memories and signs.
I Hail my own Daimons, may I always hear you clearly.
May the Divine Ones remember me and bless me and mine.
Lastly, I hail Lady Hestia, Lady of the Hearth, Keeper of the Flame
Thank you for the harmony you bring to homes, both mortal and divine.

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  1. August 31, 2011 7:40 AM

    Very nice 🙂 The format is somewhat remiscent of the first Orphic Hymn which I personally use for the Noumenia. Very well done.


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