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Remembering 9/11

August 26, 2011
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I’ve always had this day on my radar.  It is my beloved mother’s birthday.  It is a hard day for me now…no I didn’t have anyone at the WTC, Pentagon or on the other plane.  For me it is a day of horror and helplessness.  What could I do, living across the country as I do?  So I spent my day in front of the TV, alternating between guilty tears and thankfulness than none of my loved ones were there.  A day where I watched the 2nd plane fly into the second building on TV and wished that this was a movie and not reality.

My day started with a phone call from my sister in Texas.  I hadn’t been awake long and am not much of a TV watcher.  She, however, seems to constantly have a TV on for background noise.  She had called me, yelling for me to turn on the TV.

“What channel?!”

“It doesn’t matter.  Any of them.”

What a feeling of dread that gave me.  What a feeling of horror and helplessness as I watched events unfold.  Clear across the country, there was NOTHING I could do.  NOTHING!

I read every personal story I can on about this day.  People share their stories as a way of coping.  This is the only way I have to aid them in lessening their pain.

The latest one is from someone I consider a friend.  I’ve never met Galina in person and if she hadn’t been running late that day, I would have NEVER had the chance to form an online friendship.  The first time I do meet her, I may hold her long and close thanking the gods for the opportunity to do so.  Despite our different spiritual paths, she has made a great difference in mine.

Below is a prayer, inspired by Galina’s remembrance prayer.  I will find a way to some how design a cross-stitch chart of this prayer in honor of those I could not and cannot help.  (EDIT:  Chart can be found here.)

A Prayer of Remembrance

Today I remember the events of 9/11.
I pray to the Gods of earth, sea and sky and humbly ask for your blessings.
I pray the victims found comfort in the halls of their ancestors.
I pray for those left behind to find solace and healing.
I pray that those who aided the survivors be blessed with an abundance of good.
May we all learn to see beyond past hatreds so that we may share a peaceful future.
May those who would kill in the name of religion find better ways to honor their Gods.
May we be freed of the effects of fundamentalism, from wherever it might come.
May we all learn the grace of living with those different from ourself.
I pray to the Gods and Goddesses, to the beloved ancestors,
Look upon Your children here and aid us in building a better future.

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  1. September 9, 2011 3:57 PM

    I was near when the towers fell. I still felt like I could do nothing either. I did go down in the days after to help in rescue efforts, but it wasn’t enough. So I signed back in the military, still not enough. We got Bin Ladin, still not enough. All those people dead. There was nothing we could have done to save their life’s. All of that for what? They still preach hate in the mosques. They still preach hate from our own pulpits. Afghanistan is culturally a wreck. Iraq is not better then a third world nation that feel a overwhelming sense of entitlement to welfare. Nobody in the middle east hates us any less and we are not any safer. We have lost not only those life’s on September 11th itself, but those service members killed in action for over a decade of war. Now we have due process stripped down, longer lines at airports, and stricter laws that curb our personal freedoms, but do not seem to have as much restrictions on those that wish to do us harm. So I say, still not enough. We banded together as a country for few years after the event, but now we are on the verge of tearing ourselves apart. Still not enough. What can we do? What should we do? Everybody seems to have answers, but they never the ones I want to hear. I find that most of the smart, well minded people, realistic souls, are just as lost as I am.


    • September 9, 2011 4:08 PM

      Lost. That is exactly how I feel in connection with this day and the events going on overseas. Lost. My Hubby feels anger and determination when this day is mentioned. Me, I usually end up trying not to cry. I hurt for those that died. I hurt for the families. I hurt for the soldiers overseas. I hurt for their families. I have no solutions, no ideas, no clues as to how to fix any of this. I just try to live each day without regrets, raise my son to be a good person and tell my loved ones every chance I get that I love them.

      I’ve heard some say that this is the modern generations Pearl Harbor. I think it is more personal than that ’cause Pearl Harbor was still mostly a military target. Whereas 9/11 involved civilians on a large scale. I think it is bigger than Pearl Harbor, more painful…


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