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Frog stamper

August 15, 2011
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What a day…  I’d start thinking I was a really terrible mother if it wasn’t for the fact that my son behaves wonderfully whenever we are not at home.  At home, he tries to see how many different ways he can tick me off …

Now I’m not in the best of moods to begin with as I haven’t had a full 8 hours sleep in a couple of weeks.  This week I’ve been getting about 3-5 which isn’t nearly enough.  Today my son wanted to go to the playground.  I didn’t want to go.  He argued with me and then consented to going out into our backyard where he has a 2 story “fort” with swing and slide attached. (Yeah he tell you how abused he is…small yard or not, he’s got more than many kids.)  Then the neighbors, whose grandchildren are staying with them this week, invited him to a park.  Great go.  Have a good time.

He came home and was fine.  The longer he stayed home the bigger the attitude he developed.  Finally after lunch, I gave up and put him down for a nap, which of course made him angry.  Tough patooties, do it any way.  Unsurprisingly he falls asleep.  A little while later, I go into the bathroom and notice a green mark on the window sill.  I take a closer look at it…it is a green frog face stamp mark.  The little snot, at some point, took his frog stamper and marked up my pale yellow bathroom walls…the REMODELED bathroom…the bathroom that someone else painted and did not leave us with extra paint bathroom!   Luckily for my son, I wasn’t home when he got up from his nap.  I came home to find my husband had put him to work scrubbing off the frog faces in the bathroom.  Took elbow grease and two different cleaners before we got them to the point where you can barely see them.   As additional punishment (which unfortunately punishes us too) is that he couldn’t go outside the rest of the day.  Then we had to make him stay away from the doors and windows so he’d quit giving the neighbors his “woe is me” look.

Then we had to argue him through eating his dinner.  I was never so glad to see that child climb into bed.

This is just the latest thing that my 4 year old has done to push to me to the edge of sanity…but I now the owner of a frog stamper.

Yet all I want is to sleep for about 12 hours straight…

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  1. August 16, 2011 3:20 AM

    Oooh that is not good! At least your OH got him to clean his mess up (hopefully it will sink in that things have consequences!)


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