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August 9, 2011

Did you miss me?  I am beyond exhausted mostly to not sleeping well the last two nights.  Got back yesterday evening from Dragonfest.  Hubby and I were on staff, Site Preservation to be exact.  So we were there for Set Up and Take Down.  We either dealt with buckets of rain or temperatures warmer than I preferred.    Had a good time despite the weather.  The only thing I really missed, other than our pets, was the dishwasher (though don’t get me wrong, I am so glad I don’t have to try to hand wash all our clothes and linens).  I made a few new friends, spent time with old ones and picked up some stuff from Merchant Row.  There were several rituals though I only attended a few…mostly because Wiccan-esque rituals do not appeal to me any more.  The rituals I attended were:  Women’s Mysteries, the Drawing Down and a Innana and Dumuzie ritual filled with a lot of wonderful chants (that I can’t remember other than a line here and there which is rather typical for me).

The Women’s Mysteries dealt with facing down your shadow self.  What I liked the most was when they handed out markers saying to write on others positive affirmations to help them subdue their shadow side.  I had:  motherhood, you are more than motherhood, peace, a heart and you are worthy of happiness.  I wrote things like:  valued, beauty (even without the makeup), adored…I can’t remember what else.  It made me want to take a pen everywhere I went to write such things on others.

At the Drawing Down (where who you get to see is left to Fate as you do not get to choose), I ended up seeing Quan Yin, though I was warned that Pele and Kali-ma had also made their appearance.  She told me many things but it all boiled down to facing down my shadow self until I believed I was worthy…until I no longer believed that I am a lousy mother, wife and friend.  That is all well and good but I don’t know HOW to do this.  She told me to dig down into my belly chakra (not the heart which surprised me) to find my solutions and that I will find her there.  When she asked me if I believed her, I said yes and no.  I wasn’t sure how this worked since she wasn’t part of the pantheon that I typically honor.  She said that they were all brothers and sisters and that it really didn’t matter who I called upon.  She said to call upon a warrior to help…Kali, Morrigan, any of them or all of them.  The next day, I found an amethyst carved Quan Yin statue…it was priced more than I liked but I figured that if I could not put it down then I probably ought to pay for it…I don’t know that I will actively honor her but I will keep it on my desk to remind my self to not let my shadow self overwhelm me.

I went to a henna workshop so have a few brown drawings on my hands, foot and calf.  My son thought they were neat and asked me to draw on him so he got something on both hands.  Makes me wish I was a better artist though the tracing technique does help with that.  The only other workshop that interested me was on mandalas but the presenter never showed up.  (cue lots of pouting)

Got home to find our dog (who has never stayed alone in the house without human company) survived our trip without any major problems other than his barking fit over the weekend because town was filled with people.  Received a package from the lady for who I designed the ladybug pillow…she sent me a gorgeous “Zeus themed” necklace, a carnival necklace (lots of different miscellaneous beads) and some hell money that she says you burn as offerings to the ancestors (she says they love it).  I’ll try to get a pic of the Zeus necklace tomorrow.  I love it and plan to wear it often.  The other necklace managed to break some how in route.

I spent today unpacking the camper between bouts of trying to find my checkbook which has disappeared.  Last I remember seeing it was before we left for fest.  I had entered data into the checking program from it.  I’m typically very careful about where it goes so I find it very mystifying that it has gone missing.   The online bank says that no one else has found it either, so I’m sure it is somewhere around the house.  I’m hoping I can persuade some house fey to return it to me…

I also went to my son’s preschool orientation.  He’ll be going two days a week again.  Tuition went up a little.  It peeves me that we have to pay but it is worth it so what can I do?  At least he won’t be going on Mondays any more…

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  1. August 9, 2011 9:46 PM

    It sounds like you had a great time 😀


  2. August 9, 2011 10:40 PM

    I did. Would have stayed…at least until I had no more clean clothes to wear…


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