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Fenestra Deck Inteview

July 26, 2011

I received this deck by Chatriya (U.S. Games Systems is the publisher) as a gift.  My first impression of it is a prettier version of the Rider-Waite deck.  One of the few decks I’ve seen where I like the minors more than the majors.  My biggest issue with the deck is its simplicity.  I like detailed decks, however this one is very soothing on the eyes with lovely artwork.  Just not sure how readable I will find it due to the lack of detail.

Deck Interview spread:


5                6


2                3


  1. What is your most important characteristic?  Judgment – I will help you to make decisions.
  2. What can you do?  9 of Wands – I can help you prepare for whatever you need to face and deal with.
  3. What can’t you do? 4 of Wands – I won’t celebrate milestones or be your cheerleader.
  4. What is your curriculum?  Death – I will teach you to let go of that which is past, which you no longer need.
  5. How should I use you? King of Pentacles – Use me for practical matters
    1. clarifier:  7 of Wands – especially under duress when you need a calm voice
  6. Final thoughts? King of Swords – Expect logic, rationality, high standards and a disciplined approach from me.
    1. clarifier:  10 of Pentacles – I will be useful for every day matters but not for spiritual ones.  I’m more about the here and now.
  7. Who wants to work through you? 7 of Cups – no one particular.
    1. clarifier:  World – use this deck for looking at the overall picture, not for detailed analysis.

So this deck may be more good for a daily draw deck or for figuring out practical matters.  Will have to see how it goes.

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