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What I’m doing…

June 23, 2011
  • planning my 40th birthday party.  Sugar skull theme.  As in “Some say turning forty is the beginning of the end.  I say it is a reason to live more colorfully.”  Of course, my birthday is too far away from Halloween for finding decorations easily.  So I have 40 paper skulls that I am decorating with occasional advice from my son.  I have skull cups ordered.  I’ll pull out the few skull/skeletons that I have in my Halloween stuff.  I even ordered me a flowered skull t-shirt to wear that day.  We invited a lot of people and not many have RSVP’d.  I’ll email a reminder the beginning of the month, but I’m not expecting many want to make that drive up from Denver.  Lazy bones, they are.
  • Helping Hubby with the remodeling on the house.  The above is his incentive and time table.  This week he has installed 2 windows in the dining room and finished hanging the drywall in there.  I imagine he’ll get the mud on but no paint or texture before the party.  I can live with that.  It would be nice if he got the drywall in the living room up, but I’m not holding my breath.  He has also been painting/staining our wood fence.  Not my idea, so he can’t blame me for that one.
  • Keeping my 4 year old entertained.  In addition to the usual story time and play date.  He’s been doing t-ball and going to book club organized by some local mothers.  (Eventually I’m going to have to host it here, but not until more of the remodel is finished.)  He’ll have a week long soccer clinic put on by some Brits next month.  We have several other things planned with friends.  (Zoo, Pirate exhibit, water park, etc.)
  • Need to finish the ladybug (I thought I had it finished and realized I forgot to stitch two of the legs…oopsy.) and turn it into a small shelf pillow.  I have several cross-stitch projects that I have started that are close to being finished.  I just need to get them done.  MIL still wants me to make her some more hot pot holders.  That will probably happen when I drag my sewing machine out next week.
  • I’ll be camping this weekend and next weekend.  Then for 7-10 days in August.
  • Trying to loose some weight.  I’ve cut back on portions which leaves me a little hungry after meals…which makes me cranky.  I’m doing what I remembered my grandmother doing…using a luncheon size plate.  As active as we are this summer, between the two I better loose some weight.

I’m sure there are some other things I’ve been doing but I can’t think of what.  Any way that is why posting has been sparse lately.

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  1. June 25, 2011 7:10 AM

    The smaller plate size definitely will help. I suggest “Mindless Eating.” I forget the author. He did studies to see what influences what we eat and one was the size of the plate. It’s a very interesting read.


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