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Ancestors calling

May 23, 2011

The first words out of my son’s mouth this morning were “Mom there is a spider in my room”.  Now since this is Colorado, typically this isn’t a very big deal just an annoyance but it did remind me that I had a dream about spiders in the recent past.  Spiders are a trigger, a calling card if you will, for my ancestors.  “Hey child, it is time to reconnect.”  So I pulled out their deck, Circle of Life, and did a reading using the Ancestor Spread.

Cards 1-3 are in the center of a circle of 6 cards that starts at the upper right and goes clockwise.

  1. Who are you?  Queen of Pentacles – female…Grandmother…Shiva comes to mind…I don’t know if this is a name, a reference to sitting shiva or the Hindu God.  Shiva is also hebrew for seven.  So maybe seventh grandmother?
  2. Relationship to me?  Knave of Swords – protector of silly goose (aka me)
  3. Why have chosen to “speak” up?  9 of Cups – you need to reconnect with the unconscious, with the stream of Life.
  4. What do I need to know?  Queen of Swords – need to cultivate a detached manner.  Don’t get caught up in your emotions.
  5. What actions do I need to take?  4 of Swords – meditate
  6. How shall I honor my ancestors?  6 of Swords – give offerings
  7. What can I do for you?  Empress – take care of yourself; reach out to us
  8. What blessings do you offer? 6 of Pentacles – I/We will watch over you and yours.
  9. Final thoughts?  Knave of Chalices – we are here to aid you, guide you and comfort you.

So I did do a mediation.  It started with the 9 of cups card.  I was laying down in that water that washed over my soothing me and cleaning.  Then I got whooshed out the doorway and was just floating along.  At one point, I was lifted out of the stream like an infant, nursed and then put back in.  I also came to rest at one point but could not open my eyes.  It sounded like a family reunion.  Children laughing and scream in the background, adults sitting around tables talking waiting for a meal to be served.  I then was returned to the room at the beginning.  Rather odd, soothing but not sure I know what the point of it was.  Other than maybe needing to connect to my ancestors more often.

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