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spring fling round-up

April 24, 2011

So I did some experimenting with coloring eggs.  I did this in preparation for decorating with my son…which we never got to do because of his attitude and inability to do what he was told.  I tried dying some eggs with turmeric, spinach and cherry kool-aid.  The turmeric did wonderfully.  I cooked 2 eggs in some water with tumeric and vinegar.  They turned a really pretty golden yellow color.  It is very important to let these eggs come to room temperature before you display them.  Otherwise they sweat and the egg turns orange wherever it had sweat.  (I had put mine in small glass containers before cool and wherever they touched glass they turned orange.) I then strained off the liquid and put another egg in the solution overnight.  It came out almost as vivid but needed to have been stirred occasionally as there was definitely a color difference from top to bottom.

the two hard-boiled turmeric-dyed eggs plus the strained liquid.

I tried various methods with spinach and none of them worked.  I ended up adding about 40 drops of green food coloring to the spinach and vinegar water and then got a very pretty green egg.  Not natural but I did try.  So don’t waste your money trying for green eggs as nothing seems to work.  (I also tried paprika for a reddish egg and it didn’t work either.)

The last experiment I did was with cherry kool-aid.  I did not have the success that this lady did with it.  Now I did use a raw egg instead of a hard boiled egg but that has never mattered before when I have dyed eggs.  The egg would turn an orangey color but it was only a skin on the egg and would wipe right off.  We do have hard water here so I wonder if that would make a difference?  Hubby told me I ought to try again with bottled water but I haven’t done it yet.

The last egg dying method I wanted to try but didn’t get around to it was this one.  Only instead of using a colander, I have an egg spinner that I would have used. We got the egg spinner as part of an egg dying kit at Target.  I found one blog that used it to decorate paper mache eggs with acrylic paint. If we get around to doing it today, I’ll be sure to take some pics.

* * * * *

I did get my sock bunny done, along with some egg magnets.

The sock bunny I made with the other sock.

felt egg magnets

I, err….I mean the Easter Bunny (who I call Hermes)  also glued some knock-off legos together to form a rough egg shape.

I said it was ROUGHLY egg shaped! Have you ever tried to do something like this? Not easy!

side view of the "egg"

One more pic of eggs and then I should be about done.  All three of these were done over plastic eggs with watered down elmers glue.  The top left one was done with finely chopped rose petals (chopped because dried rose petals don’t seem to crush very well).  The upper right egg was done with crushed tulip petals (who knew that tulips retain their color when dry?).  The bottom egg, I think I’ve posted before, was done with embroidery floss.  These haven’t been sealed with poly yet, but I wanted to post them before I forgot.

rose, tulip and embroidery floss eggs.

Last item…my son and I made cinnamon twists for breakfast this morning.  He picked what shapes to twist them into…

our breakfast twists

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