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Spring crafts

April 19, 2011

I got two crafts done yesterday while my son was at school.

The first one was made with plastic eggs, a foam cone and some of my mother’s dried moss/grass.  I don’t remember where I got the idea now but I don’t think it looks too bad…a little plain other than the bright colors so I may keep my eye out for some doodads to dress it up.

My egg tree which now decorates my table.

The second I made out of a sock…one that I had bought but was too small for me to wear (despite what the size label claimed).  Since I try not to put pink on my son to save him from hassle at school, I didn’t give them to him.  Instead I made a sock bunny for my sister so she stops bitching that I never make her anything.  (Which is so completely untrue that every time she says it I just stutter in shock.)  So here is my revenge.  It is a sock bunny.   A very brightly colored bunny…almost obnoxiously bright  (yes I would have wore these socks and chuckled every time I looked at me feet damn it!) My very first sock bunny.  If it gives her a headache it will serve her right for saying that I don’t make her anything…

a rather brightly colored sock bunny.

I’ll make me one with the other sock, but I think I’ll stuff it more than I did this one and do the ears a little differently.  And maybe add something heavy to the bottom so it stands up better.  Not bad for a first try.  (Ok not my first as I’ve done a cat and an owl too. Just my first bunny.)

side view of sock bunny

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