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Strange even for me

March 22, 2011

So…I’ve always liked dream catchers.  I have never owned one that I can remember.  I’ve never bought one because…well I’ve always had the impression that you had to be given it.  Dad received a cheap, free one in the mail and gave it to me.  It isn’t bad if you don’t look at it too closely or with a too picky eye. I hung it from the top of the window above my desk.  After I hung it, I thought it looked too plain.  I was then reminded of the jeweled spider barrette that I keep on one of my witch’s hats.   Spiders being my ancestors calling card, I followed through with that urge and put it on there.  So now it looks like this:

best I could do since it is brighter outside than in, sorry.

The shadow in my ear whispers that it is still too plain.  It tells me that I need a wolf charm or something to hang down from the hoop between the feathers.  So despite my lack of free funds, I looked around.  Not a lot of good options.  I don’t want one that is howling or growling.  That about halves the market right there.  I want one that is either black or of a natural looking substance…again that reduces the market.  Since I think my ancestors are driving this boat (they seemed pretty freaked after my last conversation with them…I was having a bad day…couple of days…ranted and shared somethings that I haven’t told anyone else), I imagine something will turn up some where or from someone.  But until then, the dream catcher looks naked to my eyes…

I love my family, living and dead…but isn’t this a little strange…even for me?

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