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Spring cometh

March 21, 2011

Spring is sneaking up on me this year.  For all my wishing for it and looking for it, I have been caught quite unprepared.  I put all my energy into planning my son’s birthday, getting ready for Fey Day and trying to figure out Pandia and Galaxia that the fun aspects of celebrating spring have gotten left behind. While I missed the formal marking of spring, I can still prepare for Hermes in his guise as the Easter Bunny.  I have no idea what I’m going to load my son’s basket with this year but I hope to find some ideas here.  She did 30 days of Ostara and it is plumb FULL of ideas.  She is also going to do 30 days of Beltaine so I’m sure I’ll get some great ideas for May Day too.

I’ve tried various techniques for decorating plastic eggs.  Not particularly crazy about any of them.  A couple of them fell apart and some I have finished.  I did however finish a felt “egg”.  I bought the kits last year from Oriental Trading Company.  Hubby and I do not think it looks like an egg but my son did.  I have about 5 more to do.  If nothing else, I’ll make one into a template and use it to make Winter Solstice ornaments.  What do you think?

2 sides of the felt "egg"

other 2 sides

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