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Dark Moon Reading

March 4, 2011

Flipping through one of my notebooks, I came across a Dark Moon Spread.  Sorry about the picture quality, couldn’t convince the lights above the table not to shine so brightly.

1-3 vertical left cards, vertical right cards 4-6, center is 7

  1. Things to let go:  10 of Cups – your wish/need for approval from others
  2. Things to keep:  8 of Cups – your willingness to follow your curiosity
  3. Things yet to come:  Strength – spiritual self-confidence
  4. How the world affects you:  10 of Swords – I worry too much about what others think
  5. What to give:  5 of Cups – give what you can, what you have in/on hand.
  6. What to receive:  3 of Swords – 3 possible choices/directions
  7. What to learn:  Knight of Pentacles – trust you are right where you are supposed to be on your path

Q = Strength

Translation:  stop being such a worry wart.

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