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Quick update

February 21, 2011
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  • Was extremely ill on Thursday.  Felt surprised to be alive on Friday but still with a tummy that was a tad bit sensitive.  Same thing Hubby and boy-child had though of course, I had it worse than they did.  Hubby just felt like crap.  Boy-child puked several times.  I was expelling things from both ends.  Lovely.
  • Went to Denver on Friday.  Did birthday party prep shopping.  Ranted about uninvited guests for boy-child’s birthday.  (Inviting 10 year olds to a 4 year old’s party is generally a bad idea…especially when one of thm has some jealousy issues of said 4 year old.)
  • Attended Dragonfest Staff meetings on Saturday and finished party shopping.
  • Lupercalia party Saturday night.  Too much butter rum and I drank about a shot I would guess.  90 proof.
  • Not enough sleep and hung over.  Burping butter rum on Sunday.  Packed up.  Visited parents.  Did errands that we forgot about.  Drove home.
  • Spent Monday during pre-party/spring cleaning.  Got my upstairs done.  The least essential area.  Also put up the paper mural on the unfinished drywall in the dining room.
  • Tues will work on office.  Wednesday – dining room/kitchen.  Thursday – Bathroom.  Friday-vacuum before in-laws arrive and bake cake.  Whole week – pray for good weather so that parents will come up.  Boy-child will be disappointed if they don’t make it.  Also need to add to sign and, decorate living room.  Decorate cake on Saturday and wonder about the sanity of having a party for the 3-4 yr old set.  Try not to physically or mentally abuse uninvited guests (well only one of them, the rest I don’t mind so much other than the fact we didn’t invited them because of the age issue and attitude issue.  Families!  :/  )
  • Hubby hooked up new tv.  Watched deleted scenes on the collector’s version of Avatar.  As long as the movie was, some of those scenes still should have been left in.  They explained some things that I thought were odd.

Posts will be erratic this week.  Past my bed time.  Good night.

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  1. February 22, 2011 7:31 PM

    Stay sane, lady! Glad you’re feeling less “liquid” at least :/


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