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Deck Interview

February 7, 2011

This was a most interesting reading with/on Circle of Life Tarot.  I had clarity like never before with this deck.  I’m starting to think that I was trying too hard before because I wanted to be sure I was getting it right…so I tried too hard and kept mudding the message.  Same layout and spread as last night.

  1. What is your most important characteristic?  2 of Swords – I have the element of surprise on my side.  I throw you out of your mental rut and force you to really think.
  2. What can you do?  3 of Pentacles – I can work with you as a partner but not as a tool or servant.
  3. What can’t you do?  Lovers – I can’t  get emotional about it.  Work with me or not. It is your choice.
  4. What do you teach?  Magician – I teach wisdom, one way or another.  (Remember Hermes or Merlin.)
  5. How do I work with you?  Hermit – When you and your surrounds are quiet enough for introspection, then you may seek me.
  6. Reverses?  Ace of Pentacles, R – No.  My reason is spilled out when I am topsy-turvey.
  7. Final Thoughts?  Sun – I can help you achieve clarity in the long run.
  8. Who wishes to work through you? 7 of Cups – Whoever wants to speak up?
    1. Clarity – Knave of Wands, 4 of Wands, Chariot – I get the impression of many different people/personalities which leads me to suspect that this will be my deck for whichever ancestor feels like speaking up at the time.

Quintessence equaled fourteen or Temperance which seems to agree with my assessment of #8.

So I figured I needed to pick one day a month to honor my ancestors.  I drew Devil which is 15 so I’ll honor them on the same day as Hermes which seems rather fitting.

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