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Celebrating Theogamia

February 1, 2011

Today I choose to remember
the day you both came together
in love as husband and wife.
Many know you as Zeus and Hera.
I choose to speak your names
as I believe them to be, Zeus and Hekate.
In Lagina you were honored together,
so I honor you together now.
On this loving day when your union
sent forth crocus, hyacinth and lotus,
I celebrate the occasion and
ask that you bless my own union
as we celebrate our love this day also.
I look forward to the coming of Spring
that this day heralds despite the cold.
Tomorrow I hope that the joy of today
encourages Demeter to cast aside
those dark and gloomy mourning robes
and begin the task of preparing
for her flower-loving daughter’s return.


Hail many-named Mother,
Mighty Hekate, Lady of Mystery.
Hail bounteous Father,
Mighty Zeus, Lord of All.
Shape the course of my life
with your glorious light,
illuminate and drive away
that which does not serve me,
filling the void with what is needed.
When I rage at my life’s lot
purify me with your presence
remind me of my many blessings.
Give me your hand and
reveal to me the pathways
where I can gaze upon your light,
hear knowledge from your lips.
Hold me close when I am weary and low
bathe me in your warmth
and sooth my fractured heart.
Hail bounteous Mother
Mighty Hekate, Lady of Shadows.
Hail many-named Father
Mighty Zeus, my loving Lord.


Today I will bake an apple upside-down cake in celebration of Zeus and Hekate AND me and my Husband. (As today is the 21st anniversary of our first date…always more important to me than our wedding which was for our parents and the state.  Also Hera was given apples by Gaia as her wedding gift.)  Tonight I will leave out a green crushed velvet himation for Demeter to take or bless as she pleases.  I need to sew bells on the corners (pleasing weights I would think) and maybe try to finish the edges.

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