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Hermes of the Rodeo?

January 15, 2011
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Today was my day to do something for Hermes.  Sitting here a bit before bed, I’m stressing that I haven’t been able to do anything.  Partially because I spent my day with the family at the National Western Stock Show.  Partially because I had very little sleep last night and plain forgot.

So while I’m looking for things connected to my day and to Hermes I went to and suddenly the light goes on (rather dimmly admittedly as I’m plain tired).  “HERMES was the great Olympian God of animal husbandry, roads, travel, hospitality, heralds, diplomacy, trade, thievery, language, writing, persuasion, cunning wiles, athletic contests

We came down the “hill” specifically to go to the Stock Show (all about animal husbandry and trade) and see a rodeo (an athletic contest involving animals and my first by the way).  While we were there we also did some shopping, had some food and check out all the kid friendly things.  My whole day was about Hermes I just didn’t realize it.  If I had remembered better through my sleepy haze I would have poured him a libation in a number of places.  Isn’t sleep also in his purview?  Hopefully by becoming aware he will allow/help me to sleep better tonight.

Reminds me of something that happened last Tuesday.  After I dropped off my son at school, I swung by a local store to pick up some items.  When I got out of the car, I saw a penny on the ground.  I went to pick it up, thinking of Hermes.  It was froze to the pavement.  I laughed and said “Hail Hermes”.

So Hail Hermes of the rodeo, of the stock show, of sleep and of laughter!

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  1. January 15, 2011 10:53 PM

    amusingly enough, the cows and the men came out pretty even and only one was injured. Hopefully that Bronc rider didn’t break his collar bone.


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