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Review: Zeus, King of the Gods

January 13, 2011

Graphic Novel by George O’Connor

I’ve been wanting to get this book since I first heard about it when I was looking for contributions to the Zeus Devotional.  I had even asked Mr. O’Connor for a contribution.  Unlike most of my “cold calls”, he did answer me but never sent a contribution.  This really is a glorified comic book.  Not that that is bad, just calling it as I see it.  The one thing that graphic novels have over comic books is better quality paper and covers.  This one has a very nice cover (complete with nifty metallic lightning bolts) and doesn’t have any advertisements in it.  It does have an author’s note, geek/Greek notes, book discussion, bibliography and suggested reading.  The artwork isn’t as nice as I would have liked (Zeus with blond hair?  At least he covers why his hair is white) but then I’m pretty picky about art work.

As for the story line, I have no major complaints.  It was neat to see a tale that I’ve only been able to imagine.  I’m disappoint that he didn’t continue the storyline with Metis before he ended the novel though. (I wonder if the book on Hera covers that part of the story.  No it is probably in the Athena book.)  I approve of him using the Greek transliterations for names instead of the Latinized names.I like what he did with Hestia and Demeter looks great (though the grain in her hair looks like antenna).  The other gods, eh.  Back to the artwork complaint.  He did set up why each god seem to get their powers.  It depended on where their father puked them up.

All in all, I’ll put the other novels on my wishlist or pick them up if I can find them for cheap.  I’m curious to see how he continues the tale.

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