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Heliogenna Summation

December 28, 2010

Day 7 (12/23) was the day of thanks but I carry this day over the next two days too.   I spent the 23rd finishing up gifts and packing for a trip out of town.

Day 8, we loaded up and went down the hill.  Then we finished up purchasing last minute stocking stuffers.  Went over to my parents’ house where they were having an open house.  A number of their friends attended along with two friends of mine.  There was a good spread of food.  After friends left, we opened gifts.  I got the previously mentioned teapot, peacock feather earrings, clothes, slippers and a picture of my parents (I’ve been asking for this picture for YEARS!).  We took our son home and put him to bed.  After he was asleep, I put out his santa gifts and filled the stockings.

ASIDE:  I admit to dropping the ball on keeping in mind the point of the season. My inner child definitely ruled my emotions.   My husband SUCKS at filling stockings any more.  He used to be pretty good.  Everything I had in my stocking, I was with him when he purchased and all of it was candy.  Nothing nifty.  He had plenty of excuses and apologies but I was still hurt.  I’ve had a hard time getting past that hurt.  The point is giving, woman, not receiving!  My stocking is the only thing I “get” on Christmas Day as my in-laws typically give us gift cards any more.  So I failed big time at being a big girl on Christmas Day.  😦  I felt like he did his shopping for me at the last moment( after getting snarky with me for not having the most current version of the wishlists on my lap top like HIS lack of  planning was MY fault.) and then he totally bombs on the stocking.  Not my finest moment holiday moment.

Day 9, we did the gift exchange with Hubby’s family.  Went out to breakfast (which I thought was totally wrong…people shouldn’t have to work on this day and by going out we fed into the reason why the restaurant was open but as a guest…).  By the time we got back, I was exhausted.  Too many emotions, not enough quality sleep.  So I took a nap.  I rarely do that.  Got woke up by my brother-in-law arriving with girlfriend and girls.  We waited around for an aunt and cousin to show.  They decided not to do so but neglected to call.  Had a battle of wills with my son at the table so had my husband and in-laws irritated with me.  Later that night we all sat down to watch “How to Train Your Dragon” which my son received from Santa along with a red and black dragon.

The next day was spent doing returns and spending gift cards.  Tried to deliver a toddler bed but couldn’t get ahold of the couple we were to deliver it to…had some misunderstandings with Hubby who was irritated over his inability to find the part he needed for work Monday.  Drove back up Monday morning after another attempt to find the part…just to get stuck in ski traffic (totally forgot about it) and a traffic jam due to a multi-car accident.  So the ending of my holiday didn’t not go as well as the beginning, mostly because of my own expectations and playing a part in miscommunicating.  Wouldn’t mind replaying the last few days but we don’t get second chances.  Need to whip my inner child into shape and work harder at communication and such.

Hope your holidays went well.

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