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Heliogenna Day 5

December 21, 2010

Last night when I said my prayer to Demeter, I lit a larger candle than usual.  Dedicating it to both Demeter and Helios, it burned through the night, giving Helios encouragement to show his face on this shortest day of the year.  When that candle went out, I lit a smaller one, saying a prayer from the heart as I have not yet written him one.  Not long after helios came up, my family got up to open our gifts.

I’ve never gotten so many religious gifts for Solstice before.  From a Yule party with White Elephant exchange, I got a large round wall multi-candle holder.  Exactly what I was looking for to go above my Hekate altar.  From OSO, I got the Zeus bust that I’ve been wanting but not had the spare money to buy.  From Hubby, I got the Mythic Oracle by Carisa Mellado & Michele-lee Phelan.  For myself, I bought Spiritual :  A Safety Manual for Energy Workers, Healers and Psychics by Sophie Reicher (supposed to have some great meditation suggestions for those that don’t meditate well…came highly recommended).

From my son, I got all four Shrek movies. Hubby said that our son picked it out and was looking forward to watching it with me.  (I rather think that he was trying to kill 2 birds with one stone…wouldn’t have thought that of a not quite 4 year old.) Only problem is that Hubby didn’t notice it was blue ray.  So we will either need to take them back or buy a blue ray DVD players (the former would be more practical).

Hubby also got me some nice earrings, a necklace, CDs, gloves, a fairy (that needs to go back as it has a broken finger) and…hmmm that may be it.  My son liked everything we got him.  Even wore his ladybug apron around for a while, but the gifts he got from OSO and his wife really put us to shame in his eyes I think  [chuckles] as that was all he could think about playing with.  He still has one more gift to open that arrived late but due to his refusal to nap, he may have to wait until tomorrow or maybe just before bed so he can’t play with it.  (Mean mommy!)

I finally started to stitch an ornament.  My solstice skull.  If I get it done, I’ll stitch a fairy ornament I think.  We will see.  Wasn’t too interested in stitching ornaments this year.  Still need to finish and hang the ones I got done last year.

Hope your Solstice was Merry and Bright!

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  1. December 21, 2010 9:24 PM

    Glad your solstice was good. I was going to ask if your Heliogenna celebrations were tied to Solstice or not. There was some buzz around here about Pagans placing special emphasis on the total lunar eclipse at Winter Solstice and I wasn’t sure if there was any significance to that in your circles. I certainly didn’t stay up to watch it but I’ve seen one before and it was cool.


  2. December 21, 2010 10:04 PM

    Heliogenna centers on the Solstice. I”m sure some Pagans did put special emphasis but nothing in particular came to mind for me. I didn’t watch it. Partially because I was too tired, partially because with the heavy snow cloud cover, I didn’t figure I’d be able to see it.


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