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Of Pegasos

December 1, 2010

I read a story to my son tonight about Pegasus and Bellerophon (who I called Bello because I couldn’t stop stumbling over his name).  It inspired me to write the below.

Of Pegasos

From a bloody neck
freshly severed
Pegasos sprang forth.
Bloody mane, silver wings,
dainty hooves.
An independent stallion,
away he flew.
Upon resting upon Gaia
he struck her flesh
causing a spring
to bleed forth
to quench his thirst,
for as son of Poseidon
water was his to paw.
Once he became enamored
of the Muses nine.
But they lost his love
when in prideful competition
against the nine of Persius
they caused Mt. Helicon
to swell in delight.
Pegasos had to prick
the mountainous swelling
else it over take heaven.
Giving them Hippocrene,
he again sprang forth.
This time he rose
to the seats of the immortals.
There finding his place
in the stable of Zeus,
honored with the task
of carrying bolts,
thundering across the sky.

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