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Remembering the Dead

October 31, 2010

Since I’m solitary, I’m not one for doing long drawn out rituals.  Tonight I did something that seemed very satisfying to me.

After washing my face and putting on my ritual robe, I mixed together milk and honey.  I then plucked some oregano (majoram, for repelling negativity), grabbed a beeswax candle and some jasmine incense.  I lit the hearth candle (which refused to stay lit), which seemed fitting.  Using the oregano I sprinkled the honeyed milk at the four directions of my property, saluting the guardians of that direction and those that died in that direction.    I then returned to my main altar which is decorated with a skull altar cloth, the oak painted skull and the stitched skull, along with my ancestor dedicated skull votive holder.  There I acknowledged my Lord and Lady (sprinkling all representations with honeyed milk), those that died within the last year, those that beloved dead that have died within my lifetime, my ancestors and Hermes. I lit the candle in the ancestor skull.   Then lit the incense and again went to the four directions of my property asking the guardians and dead of that direction to look sweetly on those within.  I then went outside to my outdoor sacrificial pit and poured libations for Zeus, Hekate, the recent dead, the beloved dead, the ancestors, the unknown dead and Hermes.  I left the incense burning nearby.

Next I decided to do a tarot spread called “Ancestral Pattern of Life” that I got from Submerina’s blog using Halloween Tarot.  cards 2-5 seem to be about family traits while 1, 6-9 apply directly to the Querent.

  1. root of the issue:  5 of Ghosts – vain regret, missing the good/positive
  2. my ancestors/family:  Knight of Ghosts – dreamers, messengers, lucky in love
  3. their burdens carried forward:  Knight of Imps – hasty, short-sighted, temperamental
  4. what needs transformed:  Ace of Ghosts, reversed – pessimism, self imposed limits
  5. what needs healed:  10 of Ghosts – no one is perfect, allow for quirks and mistakes
  6. now:  Page of Imps – (seems to describe me) creative, energetic woman eager to help others
  7. immediate future:  9 of Ghosts, reversed – set backs, delays, errors, imperfections, let go of ego
  8. guidance in moving forward:  4 of Pumpkins – plan ahead, prepare, work for the future you want
  9. outcome:  King of Pumpkins – patience, persistence and diligence lead to a completion and new direction

Quintessence:  11 Justice – do what you feel is right, reap what is sown; 2 High Priestess – rely upon your intuition

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