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Review: Prince of Persia

August 14, 2010
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I liked this movie.  Lots of action, not gory, fun special effects, a little bit of romance, costumes = win for me.  Will be adding it to our DVD collection.  I think they should have had another scene at the end with the king though.

Synopsis:  orphan boy taken from the streets and raised as a “Prince of Persia”.  Years later, he and his “brothers” capture a city that their father told them to leave alone.  Much mayhem ensues.

SPOILER ALERT! King comes to lecture them about not obeying.  Gets a poisoned gift and dies with the blame falling unfairly to the orphan he took in.  Ends up that the eldest brother isn’t the traitor but the uncle.  All because the uncle has become power hunger and wants to turn back time to gain the throne for himself. The female lead is the guardian of a mystical dagger that gives the ability to turn back time and has the power to destroy the world if used improperly.  The orphan saves the day and ends up turning back time to when he first came upon the dagger.  He does the right thing and everything is to the good.  Including getting the girl in the end though he has to woo her instead of win her over.

My only real complaint is that use of the snakes in the movie is sure to scare  more people into considering them “evil” animals.  Is there no other animal for people to malign?

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