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New Moon Reading

July 14, 2010

Circle of Life Tarot (see tarot blog roll on right for link to pics)
Date: 7/11/2010

New Moon Spread   )o( is the shape of the layout (can’t get WP to agree with my layout below)

1             4

2  7   5

3             6

Pop out card: Queen of Pentacles – Hekate/Tara
1: Release – 6 of Pentacles – let go of your worries and fears
2: Keep – Seven of Cups – keep your options open
3: Receive – King of Pentacles – Zeus or more accurately my relationship to Zeus. I think this is telling me that she will not come between us or insist that I choose between them.
4: Surrounds/Environment – Ace of Wands – being taken care of
5: Give up/away – 8 of Wands – over-thinking things, too much in my head
6: Begin – 7 of Wands – not sure here…I think it means I need to relax my defenses as I’m keeping out those that need in…don’t know how to do this though
7: Lesson – 3 of Swords – get out of my own way

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