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Khnum and Zeus

July 3, 2010

During a meditation in early to mid May, I found myself sunk to over my head in very thick sandy mud.  As I started to struggle to get out, I hear something to the effect of “just a second”.  Then I was plucked out of the mud by a gloriously dirty Zeus who looked liked he’d been having a great time playing in the mud.  I was then shown an aerial view of a nilometer and told to “watch for the rising”.

I struggled with this message.  I could figure out if I was supposed to watch for a flood near my house, for something that would happen during the time that the Nile would typically flood or what.  So I put in an email to the first person I thought of to answer questions of this nature, Sannion.  He pointed out to me that according to Pindar, Zeus had something to do with the rising of the Nile.  Which if you think about it makes sense…rain is what fills the river to cause it to flood.  While this was interesting and a confirmation of what I had seen, it really didn’t answer my question.  So I asked Sannion to ask Dionysos about it during his next oracle session.  One of the things Dionysos said was that it was meant to show me a new aspect of Zeus.

Today I was pointed toward a Bryn Mawr Review:

“No. 9 also concerns ancient religion: it is a small papyrus fragment of the second century AD containing a prose passage on the god Chnum, identified with the Greek deity Agathos Daimon.”

Now Zeus, in my opinion, is the Agathos Daimon.  Khnum is a creator god.

“Khnum’s formative role with respect to living beings has special reference to his control over the Nile’s annual flood. It is Khnum who releases the vivifying floodwaters from the subterranean caverns in which they were symbolically stored;”

So this must be the aspect that I’m to take especial note.  Now to figure out what to do with this.  I am reminded of this tarot card from Alchemical Tarot Renewed.  I get this card quite often in my readings.  From the book:

“Your work is a creative endeavor, not mere labor.  It is engrossing and emotionally satisfying.  By immersing yourself in satisfying work, you become centered, and in turn find your center, which is the Anima Mundi.”

No idea what any of this means.  My mind is just reeling about, to and fro.

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