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Meditation on Bonds

June 15, 2010

At the dark moon ritual for Hekate, I drew two cards, asking what do I need to know and what do I need to do.  The cards I got was the High Priestess and Lovers from Circle of Life tarot.  I interpreted them as the need for meditation and upon choices and/or bonds.

So being obedient….(ok you can stop laughing now), I did a meditation.  I found myself watching myself standing in a circle of stones.  There was a loose bond on each ankle.  One bond led to Zeus sitting on a throne who was in front of me to the left side and to Hekate sitting on another throne in front of me to the right side.  Both of which were outside the circle.  I was given the impression that I could remove those bonds if I wished.  Instead, I started to dance.  In the process of dancing those bonds became tighter and tighter until they disappeared into my flesh.  Once the bonds disappeared, including those that lead to the gods, plain golden bracers appeared on my arms.  I remember thinking about Wonder Woman at that instant, then the meditation ended.

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