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Tarot and life

May 31, 2010

I haven’t been posting my tarot journaling lately partially because I’ve been super busy, ill, not a lot of time to myself, etc.  Partially because everything I draw indicates a period of waiting, a state of suspension, etc.  I’ve also got cards indicating a need for courage, for patience…for hold on and don’t give up.  Something is a comin’, I just don’t know what.

A meditation that involved Zeus told me to “watch for the rising” and showed a nilometer.  The more I wait, the more anxious I get.  Do I trust my gods?  Oh yes!  I’m just afraid I will let them and myself down.  It is the whole waiting for something but no clue as to what…spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, all of the above or what.

Meanwhile, Hubby finally returns to working again tomorrow.  He’s had nothing but side jobs for 2 months.  He’s done as much remodeling as he can with the material he has on hand but he has run out.  We’ve done yard work.  We’ve spent a day making things in the kitchen.  I’m glad he’s finally going back because he’s starting to drive me crazy.  A bored Hubby is a BAD thing, I’m telling you!  My son has enjoyed the heck out of having Daddy around so much.  I’ve enjoyed the break from being the sole caretaker but I hit my limit with him within the last week.  I have a hard time getting some of my own projects done.  His pacing and such is starting to drive my out of my mind.  Being that I’m on an anti-depressant already, I certainly don’t need the help.  Thank you very much.  Sheesh.

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