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Prayer for Apollo and Artemis

May 25, 2010

Last night while contemplating Artemis and Apollo, I found inspiration to write the below prayer.  Today is the day we celebrate Apollo’s birthday.  My son and I sung “Happy Birthday” to Apollo this morning.  Later, we made oatmeal chocolate chip bar cookies.  (His idea.)  Part of the first cookie out of the pan, went on to the altar offering dish for Artemis and Apollo.  My son then decided to donate a bit of my lunch that he had begged for himself. He asked when they would come and get their food.  I told him that they wouldn’t literally come and eat it, just take as a gift (“it is the thought that counts” and maybe the energy off of it.  I then told him that after his nap we would place the offerings in the offering pit. Once my son goes to sleep, I’ll go spread the ashes from yesterday’s ritual act around my flower and garden beds.

Lord Apollo and Lady Artemis,
Protectors of Youth,
grant me my prayers.

Kind Lady who brings to birth
All at their appropriate time,
watch over me, Oh Artemis,
as I mother my child.
Help me to bring him up wisely.
Let me love but not spoil.
Help me to teach him but
not break his spirit.

Apollo, gentle and mild,
let not your arrow fly.
Hear my supplication.
Teach my son virtuous ways.
Aid him in finding honorable prosperity.
Grant that he may be
victorious and magnanimous.

Bright Apollo and Gentle Artemis
join our past to a fortunate future.
Grant us good health and
a little more than enough.
Help us to walk our path
wisely with heads held high
honoring the Gods wherever we go.

So mote it be through Ma’at

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