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Plans for Artemis and Apollo

May 21, 2010

The second day of Thargelia (by the Athenian calendar) is today.  I’d like to celebrate this because Apollo and Artemis are my son’s patrons (until such a time that he chooses his own path).  But it caught me unaware so I’m moving the date and then going to do the “dastardly” thing of nailing it down in my own calendar.  I’m choosing May 24th (2 + 4 = 6) and 25th (2 + 5 = 7).  I did ask my Lady’s tile oracle if that would be ok.  I got a cup and the infinity sign.  The cup makes me think of the Ace of Cups and the infinity sign makes me think of year after year.  I took this as a positive sign.

I’ve surfed the ‘net looking for modern ideas on how to celebrate it.  Thanks to Dver, I think I’ve found a great way to do it.  I have print out paper dolls.  I’m going make one look male and the other female.   On the 24th, I will write upon it everything I want to be rid of…not only personally but for my family.  I will then burn them until they are ash.  I will follow that by burning some of the bay leaf that we have grown.  I will take those ashes and place them in the garden.  I will then recite something for Artemis.  On the 25th, I will make some cake or cupcakes and we will celebrate their birthdays, complete with song I think.  I hope to be able to meditate upon them once my son takes his nap.

I’m not particularly close to either one, though I do have a lot of affection for Artemis for the times she has comforted me.  Part of me thinks she may be an aspect of my Lady but alas I do not know for sure. I will stitch more on the cross-stitch chart that I designed for her.

Apollo…well I’ve always gotten the impression that while he will accept my son, I should keep my distance. [shrug]

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