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Two Reviews

May 18, 2010

I did manage to finish two books while I was out of town.

The first was Ancient Greek Divination by Sarah Iles Johnston.  I found this book a LOT more readable than Hekate Soteria.  I really enjoyed reading about Delphi, Dodona and the others.  Not so much about the mantis though reading about the different methods of divination was interesting. Because mantis is an individual and there is so much variation in what individuals do, that I had a hard time wading through that section.  I think this book is a great addition to one’s library if you are interested in the history of divination or hows and whys of Ancient Greek divination.  Definitely a keeper.

The second book, Life is a Road:  It’s About the Ride by Daniel Meyer,  was of a completely different line.  I no longer have access to motorcycle rides so the next best thing is reading about them.  I have finally got to a place emotionally where I can read these books without contemplating a meltdown. I found the author online several years ago and enjoyed his stories so much I asked for them as a gift.  While this book doesn’t have some of the better stories, I still found them enjoyable.  I prefer his long stories over the short ones and I could see “The Call” being made into a movie.  This is a man I’d love to sit down and just chat with…I think he could keep me entertained for hours.  It isn’t often that I’d like to meet an author of a book I’ve read, but the is definitely in that category.

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