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Turning the Wheel by burying the eggs

April 19, 2010

I hit a major seasonal milestone, for me, today.  I was finally able to dig down enough into the soil to be able to bury the egg offerings that were dyed before a certain bunny visited.

Hermes’ egg, in greens and blues, was buried next to the mini altar and stone pile at the corner of our property.  (I was going to bury it under the altar but some ants have taken up residence there…if Hermes has allowed it, I’m not going to disturb them. <grin> )

The eggs for Zeus (in yellows and oranges) and for my Lady (dark brownish red) were buried in the common offering disposal area.  Since I decided to move the area this year, I dug a new pit at least a foot deep and more than a foot wide. (You know there is a very good reason WHY this is called the Rocky Mountains.  Sheesh.  I didn’t go any deeper because I wasn’t sure if I hit the ice line or if I hit a large rock.)  Lined it with rocks, then dumped the compost bucket of offerings I’ve been storing over the winter on top of the eggs.  This includes the worms that were in the bucket.  Hopefully they will not wander far!  I took the 5 gallon bucket that I filled with dirt and finished filling in the old pit.

For me it isn’t truly spring until I can bury those eggs!  I then drew some cards from Zeus’ deck to see if there is something else I could do for him on this lovely day (19th is one of the days I dedicate to him).  I drew 4 of Coins and Wheel of Fortune from the Alchemical Tarot Renewed deck.  Seems I had instinctively done what he was wanting me to do.  I’m highly amused.

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