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Hermes, Hare of Spring

April 3, 2010

So for the second year in a row, I went around my house (can’t walk the perimeters of my property due to four foot snow drifts and ice) sprinkling rosemary water and chanting a blessing to Hermes.  The difference this year is I got my three year old sun to help me do it.  I sprinkled the water for cleansing the house while chanting and he carried Hermes’ egg in a small glass basket.  I told him that if Hermes found our actions acceptable the Easter Bunny would visit him tonight. He clapped his hands in excitement and went and told his dad. Once the ground thaws, I will bury Hermes’ egg underneath his outdoor altar, something I’ve done for several years now.

Hermes Bless and
Hermes Protect
Oh Hare of Spring
Accept our offering
Feather our nest
Pad our egg
Grant Good luck
Guide our way

For me, like Santa, the Easter Bunny is the spirit of giving without expectation of return and secular Easter is another turn on the wheel taking me away from the long winter.  So I will be an avatar for Hermes, the Hare of Spring, and spread about gifts for my son to find in the morning.  Luckily for me, I don’t hide real eggs, especially since I can’t hide them outside due to weather.  It is a chilly 23 degrees F at the moment.  So once I’m sure he is asleep, I’ll go fill plastic eggs and hide them around the living room.  He’s getting a little bit of candy, some decorated socks, alphabet cards, foam letters for the bathtub and flower seeds.

I also have an egg for Zeus and my Lady to bury in my burial pit once things warm up enough to be able to dig it out.  Since outside, while melting during the day, is still too cold and snowy for greenery, I bought a colored calla lily plant to celebrate spring and decorate my dining room.

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