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Himation for Demeter

February 1, 2010

I’m thinking about trying something new.  I got the idea from something a friend sent me that she is going to do for Brighid.  She is going to leave out a green mantle for Brighid to bless on Imbolc.  The idea is that her blessing upon it will make it good to use for times when comfort is needed, births, illness, etc.  I want to do something similar for Demeter.

I have fit a lot of the Demeterian Festivals to the Wheel of the Year.  Yeah, I know.  That right there is enough to make Recons want to hang me by my toes.  [grin] Since I am solitary and tend to be low key, I’m always looking for ways I can mark the turning of the year.  Do I really believe that Kore/Persephone goes back and forth like a see-saw?  No, it is but a poetic way to mark time.  A poetic way that helps me through the colder times of the year.  Persephone is a powerful Queen and will be wherever she is needed if it suits her will.  This just seems like a good addition to my traditions.

February first is when I ask Demeter to throw off her mourning clothes and start preparing the land for her daughter’s return.  I then plan on leaving a crushed green velvet himation (a mantle or cloak) outside in a southern location close to the house for her to take if she wishes.  If she chooses not to take my offering (and lets face it, though it is possible, it isn’t likely), I will ask that she blesses it for my own use.  On the second, I will check to see if it is still there, if there were any signs from Demeter and see if it is sunny or not.  If it is not sunny then Demeter will leave off her mourning and has already gone to work.  Time to celebrate!   If it is sunny then she is not ready yet and is sitting somewhere reminiscing about the good times.  I will then offer to her, Zeus and anyone else I can think of that may cajole her into letting go of winter.

I will then leave the himation  near my main altar whenever it is not in use until Halloween, the time that I see Kore returns to her husband as Persephone.  At that time, it will be put out of sight (though still available for use) until February first when I will offer it to her again.  The idea is that each offering of the himation will make it more blessed and stronger for its intended use.

I just need to figure out how to finish the edges of the himation.


Demeter, Mother of the land, Lady of wealth,
I call to you.
Dark are your sorrows
as you await the day
when the sun will shine
upon Kore’s beloved face.
Come my Lady,
awake your fertile powers once more.
Cheer your heart by preparing the land.
Move once again to the rhythm,
to the Dance of Life.
Let your magick flow across the land
freeing it from snow and cold.
Ready the land for the seed
so that Kore’s return is greeted
with blossoms galore.
So turn the Wheel, Mother.
Turn the Wheel and awaken the land.
Throw off your mourning robes.
Take this green himation if it pleases you
to drape your lovely form,
else bless it with your motherly love.
Hail Mother Demeter!
As the Wheel turns,
I bow to you and sing your praise.


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