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Bursting into song

January 23, 2010
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Sometimes when my son has finally given up and decided to take a nap, I find myself singing.  Usually it is more chanting of the names of the Gods that I hold close to my heart with occasional phrases thrown in that rarely work musically but it is a heart offering, so all to the good.  Today I found myself humming the tune to one of my favorite hymns as a child “Lord of the Dance“.  Since I’ve never seen the Christian faith as particularly joyful, that song never made sense for me when I was on that path.  When I started studying Dionysos I adapted the words.  Now I can’t even remember the original words.  To the point of this post then…I found myself adapting the words of the tune yet again.  (italics:  add in whatever one syllable word most calls to you at that time)

Dance, dance wherever you may be
Dance for the gods and
for the love/joy/laughs/pain/etc. they give thee.
I will follow them
wherever they may lead
I will follow them
for the love/joy/laughs/pain/etc. they give me.

Did some searching on Youtube.  Evidently the original song is adapted from an old Shaker song.  The below tune is played a bit more somber than I remember it being played in Church but is beautiful none the less.

The following is more how I remember the song but instead of flute and drum, it was a piano.

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