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Tarot Journaling: The World

January 6, 2010

When I looked at this card this evening (I drew it this morning), the first thing that popped into my head was “You’ve come full circle.”  For me this means, I’ve recovered from the holidays and getting back into my normal routine…a little bit of housework, a little bit of play with the boy-child, a little bit of doing my own interests.  This isn’t a bad thing but I do need to remember to stay balanced, to stay in the middle and not drift too far in any one direction.

The following quote from the meaning of this card makes me think of a poem I wrote back in August about Hekate using the tarot cards. “The Anima Mundi has been with us guiding us all along; we could not be alive unless this was so.  She was with us when we were the Fool in the beginning.  We are still that same fool now; the only difference is that we have dropped our blindfold and have become conscious of her for the first time.  Now we are aware of the infinite potential that was here all along.”

Hekate Speaks

My child, you have never walked alone.
Me and mine have always been in the by and by.
Ancient and yet still relevant
Protection from the catty and the beastly
You are a reflection of me
Look within to find me
My bounty is yours, be patient.
Weaver and web am I
Knowledge spirals in and spreads out
As shadow queen, I deal with the shadows
But ask me for help in dealing with your own
Learn from me, return to me
Try, try and try again
For you cannot find that
Which was never missing.
Celebrate your harvest
Fortune is with you.

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  1. January 9, 2010 6:14 PM

    Hello… The World is one one the best card in Tarot .. one of the more positive…


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