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Ktesios Jar refill

December 21, 2009

So I finally found a serpent pendent/charm to place on my ktesios jar.  It is carved out of tiger eye.  I went to place it on the jar and couldn’t move the jar.

At some point, the jar overflowed (not sure how as I didn’t over fill it) and the honey in it cemented the jar in place.  It took quite a bit of work to get the jar up and clean up the altar.  The last time I replaced the jar’s contents was a couple of weeks after May Day.  I wasn’t going to refill it until mid-January but Zeus seems to want it done more often than twice a year now.  (Before I was doing it before the start of spring and before the start of the harvest season.)  So I’m thinking since I follow the wheel of the year, which is solar oriented, and since I associated Zeus with light and day, that maybe I ought to refill it upon the spokes of the wheel.  This means it would be refilled  8 times a year with seasonally appropriate items.  (Eight being a number I associate with Hestia who likes things clean and orderly.)

Typically my only issue with this is disposal during the winter months.  My outdoor burial area is under snow.  No way to burn things.  So I’m wrapping and placing in the trash.  A lousy option but I don’t know what else to do.

Since today is solstice I peeled a clementine and put it in the jar then filled it with orange muscat wine.  Then wrapped the string holding the snake pendent around the jar.  Looks pretty nifty!

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