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Day 4 of Heliogenna – Demeter and other agricultural deities

December 20, 2009

This is a good day to honor all agricultural deities.

I have this story in my head that the day before Solstice Zeus goes to Demeter and tells her to snap out of it.  He tells her that she knows her daughter will return to her in the spring, so she should quit making every0ne miserable and cold.  He tells her to go visit her daughter and check out for herself that she is beloved and well-treated.  While she is there, she needs to command Helios in his name that he needs to quite tarrying so long in the Underworld and start spending more time in the lands above.  He tells her that because she has slacked off on her care of the mortals, Helios has felt he could do the same.  Demeter slowly makes the trip below passing all the terrors and ugliness of the trip to find her daughter as queen and very happy despite some dismal circumstances…like missing the sky and such (not so much Helios because he’s always hanging around.)  She delivers Zeus’ message in time for solstice and so the sun starts his return.  The next day Persephone honors her mother.  The next 3 days are days of celebration and thanks given by Hades for his wife and her mother.  Demeter visits for a time but eventually returns to start preparing the earth for her daughter’s return.

The below piece is one that I wrote last year to commemorate this event that I see in my head but haven’t actually written out.


Solstice Plea to Demeter

By the command of Zeus,
we live within the pattern of creation.
By the command of Zeus,
we are given blessings and trials
By the command of Zeus,
a drama, a change.
All that happens, happens
because Zeus wills it to be so.
I bow to you, Father Zeus,
And praise your works.

Hestia, Lady of the Hearth, Keeper of the Flame
Where ever you are the Gods have a home
For you are the center of all
Giving warmth and comfort,
Uniting those that are estranged,
Bring peace to troubled hearts.

Demeter, tonight is the longest night of the year
A time when spring seems so very far away.
Helios has been taking his cue from you.
He has been tarrying longer and longer
In his visits with Persephone and Hades.
Tonight we ask you to bring him back to us.
Reconcile with your daughter.
Make your peace with her husband.
Remember the pomegranate,
While it is a the cause of her departure,
It also symbolizes her return.
Sooth your troubled heart.
See for yourself how she fares.
While there, send back Helios.
Send back the light so that warmth can follow.
Give us a beacon of hope
as we await Kore’s return.


We thank you Mother,
For answering our plea yet again.
With the sun’s happy return
We will gather with loved ones.
Giving and receiving hospitality
Of friend, family and stranger alike.
Sharing food, drink, laughter and gifts.
We shall celebrate your reconciliation.
We will toast Helios’ return.
We look forward to the return of the light
For it heralds spring and warmth once again.

Demeter and Persephone,
Mother and Daughter
Queen above and Queen below
All that lives, dies.
And in turn, is born again.
All pass through their realms,
Even Helios, the sun.
For they compose the Dance of Life,
Never ending and ever changing.
Each day, each season moves the dance
Flowing seamlessly one into another.
Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall.
Life balances death.
Activity balances rest.
Growth balances fallowness.

Hestia, Lady of the Hearth, Keeper of the Flame
Where ever you are the Gods have a home
For you are the spiritual center of all.
Thank you for the warmth and comfort.
Thank you for uniting the estranged.
Thank you for giving peace to the troubled heart.
By your agency, the light will return.

Zeus, by your command
a daughter’s hand was given
And a mother mourned.
By your command,
a compromise was achieved.
By your command,
Winter, spring, summer, fall.
All that happens, happens
because Zeus wills it to be so.
I bow to you, Father Zeus,
And praise your works.

May the returning light warm your heart!

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