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Hekate meditation

November 4, 2009

I ought to start off by saying that I have a very difficult time with meditation.  First there is the problem of finding quiet time with no interruptions that I can’t ignore.  Second, I have a very active mind so quieting it down is always a challenger.  Third, I have a lively imagination so I often doubt what I see.  Something has to happen within the meditation that I KNOW I wouldn’t have thought up before I believe it.


A bowl of water,
the sea in miniature.
A small rock,
a piece of earth.
Smoke of incense
tracing the sky.
These are her realms.
Crossroads are not
always paths or roads.
A play yard puddle.
A sea cliff.
A river bridge.
These are subtle
yet crossroads still.
More crossroads
internal and personal.
Whenever there is change,
wherever there is transition,
there she is found.

This poem is significant because of what happened in both yesterday’s and today’s meditation.  Yesterday I set up to see what I could learn.  I went through my typical beginning meditation process.  A doorway opened up behind me and I stepped out into a sunny meadow area, only to have a ball hit the wall next to me.  I then heard children laughing, one of which came up and retrieved the ball and encouraged me to join.  I started to do so but felt compelled to go in another direction.  I followed a path down to a lake and there under a tree at the edge of the lake sat a woman on a rock.  I knelt at her feet.  She told me to look at her and tell her who she was.  I refused saying that I didn’t want to jinx myself again.  She just hmmmmed at me.  I felt disappointment, mine and hers.  I knew who I wanted her to be but I wanted the full version not just the archetype.  I didn’t want to force myself upon her, I wanted to be chose.  Thus ended that meditation.

Afterwards in thinking about the meditation, I realized that where she sat was like my poem.  That is when I did the reading with Zeus.

Today, I again did a meditation.  The doorway opened and I stepped out.  It was dusk.  I walked down to the lake and kneeled down in front of the Goddess and apologized for the inability to see what is right in front of me.  She sighed and accepted my apology.  She then took my hand and started to walk.  She spoke or sung quietly, but I couldn’t or, just as likely being the difficult one, wouldn’t hear what she was saying.  Of the things she did say only a couple things stuck to my tephlon brain:  I need to learn to get out of my own way; Grandmother Death is one of her roles; and that she is the in-between and the all.  (Two images came to me to explain this…in-between is the place the Dragons of Pern go when they teleport, the other was the words on a page…she is the words and the space or breath between the words.)  Oh and what to call her and when.

So all I can say is “wow”.  Now to figure out how to get out of my way so that I can hear her and Zeus without so much difficulty.

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