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Why name my new blog “4 of Wands”?

October 11, 2009

Short answer:  Because Zeus told me to…

Longer answer:  The “generic” meaning of the 4 of Wands is celebrations, milestones, unions and/or partnerships.  I have decided it is time to combine my spiritual blog and my mundane blog.  I’m doing this for several reasons:

Time.  With a young child I do not have the time to keep up 2 blogs.

Need.  It is past the time for me to be unapologetically me.  I am tired of editing myself to make my reader more comfortable…especially if that reader is family.

Growth.  This is the direction my spiritual path has taken me.  I am an eclectic Hellenic Pagan.  That means I worship the ancient Greek Gods in a fashion the reconstructions may not approve.  Oopsy.  I am not an ancient Greek but a modern American.  I can’t and won’t imitate.  I will worship as I feel guided.  Some of it is trial and error.  The gods tend to be very forgiving of such faux pas.

So when I did a tarot reading about doing this blog, one of the things I asked was “What should I name the blog?”  4 of Staffs (Alchemical Tarot Renewed) came up.  I tried to find a poetic way to convey the meaning of the card in only a couple of words, but it was beyond me.  The word “staffs” makes me wince and “staves” makes me cringe so I went with wands.

So who am I really?

Well you will have to read the blog often to get the full sense of that…but an incomplete summary in no particular order:

I am married to a wonderful (though workaholic) man and am a stay-at-home- mother to a 2.5 year old.  I am fascinated by tarot and am a decent reader who needs more practice.  I like to craft, stitch and cook.  I have so many projects that I tend to let my housecleaning slide a bit.  I have found myself over the past year or so writing my own prayers, poems and stories.  Many of which I will share here.  I am dedicated to Zeus and regularly honor:   Hermes, Hekate, Aphrodite-Tykhe and Hestia.  My husband and I are polyamorous though not currently in such a relationship.  Politically I am an Independent (read equally disgusted with all political parties).  I am pro-gay and pro-choice.  I think the government needs to get out of the marriage business or at least issue everyone civil union certificates.  I support our troops and have no good suggestions on how things should be handled.  I am endlessly curious.  I weigh more than I should mostly due to sedentary nature but partially because I’m just plain lazy and because 35+ year old bodies just don’t recover that well from pregnancy.  I am a bit empathic and lousy at shielding but my own anxieties tend to make a good shield when I least wanting them to do so.  I love to read and regret that I’ll never be able to read all the books I would like over my lifetime though I continue to try.

So welcome to my celebration of all things related to me and my life.  Help me celebrate this milestone in my path by checking back and commenting often as I combine (recombine?) my compartmentalized internal workings into a unified whole.  Unapologetically.

For those curious about the 4 of Wands tarot card, I’ve included a few links below or you can always Google “4 of Wands meaning”.

P.S.  I’m using my pen name on this blog.  Why?  I don’t know but feel the urge to mutter about identity theft…

P.S.S.  I’ve added additional information to this post twice.  So sue me.  ; )

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  1. ladyimbrium permalink
    February 5, 2012 4:53 PM

    You may be awesome, just so you know.


  2. February 5, 2012 8:36 PM

    You may be thanked. 😉


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