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Changing the Ktesios Jar

May 23, 2009
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Yea it is early, but I can read the signs…

I noticed awhile back that the jar I was using for my ktesios jar was leaking and that I needed to change the contents. So I looked for a new jar. Found one that I think will work better at World Market. Cleaned it and set it aside for when the time seemed right to change it.

Yesterday Hubby comes home with extra bits leftover from the rock work he was doing. Among them were corners that I laughingly told him would make GREAT mini altars.

Fast forward some 18 hours or so. I’m putting my vacuum back into the pantry. I notice the broom and dust pan have come out of their hanger, so as I’m putting them to the side so that I can get my vacuum in, I accidentally bump the altar shelf with the ktesios jar and the snake image. The shelf shatters into pieces while the jar and snake image are not damaged.

I told Hubby that I guess Zeus didn’t like that shelf after all. Hubby asked me when was the last time I changed the jar contents. I told him it has been awhile and that technically it wasn’t time but I did have a new jar for it. He (Hubby not Zeus, silly!) told me to go out and pick out one of the corner pieces that I was admiring yesterday and then I probably ought to change the jar. (Now I find this amusing as generally Hubby volunteers no opinions over my religious practice.) He drilled the rock shelf and hung it up. I need to find a few more decorations for it but I think it looks great and is a great start. HAIL ZEUS KTESIOS! HAIL ZEUS MEILIKHIOS! HAIL AGATHOS DAIMON!

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  1. May 23, 2009 7:49 PM

    I so *love* stories like this! I am glad everything worked out:)



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