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2 for Tykhe

May 16, 2009

EDIT: It occurred to me that some may not know that the 2 of Swords is a tarot card. This is the card that popped into my mind when I read this tale by Aesop. The deck is Druidcraft.


Aesop’s 2 of Swords

I, Tykhe sit here at the crossroads. Blind folded, I may be, yet still able to force you to make a choice. A choice that Zeus himself has demanded that you make.

One road is rough and steep. Danger lurks at every turn. No water, no food, no relief. But follow it and you will eventually be able to give a sigh of relief. You will come to a plain framed with streams and decorated with fruit trees and sweet smelling flowers. It is a place meant for taking your ease.

One road is smooth and easy, full of flowers and a joy to walk. It seems like there is nothing to fear on this path. But the farther you head down that road, the less likely you can turn back. For before you know it, the sides are too high and too steep to climb and in front of you is nothing more than a barren canyon wall. You can’t go forward and the way behind you is closed.

Choose wisely.

Prayer for Tykhe

Tykhe of the Golden Wings
Keeper of the Scale
Weaver of the Web
Brighten the Darkness
Show me past the impasse
Remind me of better days
And those yet to come.

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