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Prayers for Hermes

December 3, 2008
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I owed Hermes 2 prayers, the results of my efforts on his behalf are below.

Hail Hermes, clever fleet-footed son of Zeus.
Kind-hearted, unpredictable, scheming,
Impetuous, fortunate and wise.
Hermes I praise and honor you.
Giver of fortune, grant me the good.
Giver of sleep and dreams, let me sleep well.
Guardian of travelers, keep me safe on my journeys.
Master of thieves, guard my goods from your pupils.
Witty and charming one, steady my stumbling tongue.
Messenger of the Gods, give me understanding.
Magician, aid me in rituals and in learning your arts.
Playful One, help me teach my son without crushing his spirit.
Multifaceted, laughter-loving god
Accept this humble offering with my good will.
Hail Hermes.

Hermes, keeper of sleep and dreams
On this night and every night
Quiet all the worries and schemes
If it isn’t dark, let me not mind the light
If I am restless, help me to relax
If I am cold, warm me to my toes.
Don’t let me regret those late snacks.
Nor let me get in only a light doze.
Make my aches and pains depart
Quiet the noise or deafen me (temporarily!)
Holder of the staff, this is your art.
I need my sleep badly you see
So that patience and laughter are mine
Please send me to sleep with a kind laugh
Because impatience and anger are not fine!
Hermes please whack me with your staff!

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