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July 30, 2008

So my new age roots decided to show themselves yesterday.  <smiles>  I wanted to set up when the festivals Diasia and Pompaia for Zeus should be.  Since I draw a tarot card or two every day in my workings with Zeus, I decided to ask him when I should do those 2 festivals.  I figured the first card would be for the month of Diasia, the second card would be for the  Pompaia, the 3rd card for the DAY of Diasia, and the 4th card for the day of Pompaia.  I figured if I didn’t get numbers that made sense, I’d figure something else out.  Well I got January 9th for Diasia and July 3 or 30th for Pompaia.  Since the 3rd didn’t make sense to me, I’m going to go with 30th. 

I then drew one of Hermes pebbles (Greek Alphabet Oracle) to see if my interpretation was correct and got Mu for “It is necessary to labor but the change will be admirable.”  I took this as an affirmative and that setting up a festival schedule that works for me, the seasons as I experience them and works for the Gods will be difficult but a good thing.

So I decided that I’m going to renew the Ktesios jar as part of these 2 festivals.  I gave a lot of thought about it and remembered that in my earlier research pansperma or pankarpia is supposed to go in the jar. My last jar (which Sannion put the description of on the NA website) was filled with intent but wouldn’t be something you’d actually served someone.   So I set to work on making the pankarpia which will go into the jar along with olive oil and water.  The remaining I will share with my friends and family.  Below is what I did and the metaphysical meanings to the items used.  I hope it tastes good too!

Pankarpia (all fruit)

½ c Wheat, cooked until soft and cooled – prosperity, also a representation for Demeter

¼ c Barley, cooked until soft and cooled – dispels negativity, love, healing, protection

2T apple juice – love, healing, also a representation for Aphrodite

2T honey – sweetness, associated with many different gods, I’m using to represent a sweet relationship with the gods especially Zeus

1T olive oil – peace, healing, protection, potency

½ t cinnamon – spirituality, success, healing, power, protection, love, a representation for Hermes

½ t vanilla – strengthen mental abilities

½ c nuts and seeds

                Almond, chopped – wisdom, money, prosperity

                Pecan, chopped – money, maintain employment

½ c fruit

                Strawberries, bite size pieces – luck, love

                Blackberries – protection, healing, money

(optional) Catmint – happiness, luck

In a small, heat safe bowl, mix apple juice, honey, olive oil, cinnamon and vanilla.  Heat just until honey dissolves.  Cool.

Mix remaining ingredients.  Add liquid mixture.  Chill, stirring occasionally, 24 hours before eating.

Ktesios Jar

Using a tight closing jar, preferably one with a rubber gasket, line bottom of jar with catmint.  Add pankarpia.  Top with oil/water.  Seal well.  Dedicate it to Zeus Ktesios.  Place in pantry.

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  1. July 30, 2008 7:04 PM

    So, out of curiosity…
    Why pick new dates for the festivals when we have at least semi-accurate dates from antiquity? Is it that they didn’t match up with your local climate? Do the new dates match up?
    Also, why do the contents of the jar need to be edible? Are you following that comment from the list about the modern practice? I’m pretty sure they didn’t eat it in antiquity. AFAIK, it is supposed to be an offering, not a shared meal – a symbolic collection of pantry items that will semi-magically ward one’s storeroom from problems.
    Not that you can’t modify the tradition, just wondering as to your reasoning.


    • July 30, 2008 7:28 PM

      Honestly, I’m not clear WHEN the ancients celebrated these 2 festivals. I don’t have anyone, besides the list, to discuss this with and I can be quite stubborn and hard headed. So I decided to forge ahead with SOMETHING until I can get things sorted out mentally.
      As for my environment…well no and yes. I live at 10,200ft. The last snow fall is early June and the first snow fall is mid-September. We had our first frost Tuesday morning. So for commemorating the harvest, 7/30 does make sense. 1/9 for Diasia doesn’t except that is when I start needing reminders that spring will come eventually. I was very surprised at how the dates picked were CLOSE to what I was anticipating which was early Feb and late July. Given how many different possible combinations I could have got, I’m surprised that this one actually made sense.
      As for the jar, it just seemed more pleasing to be able to represent what I want and have it blend together well enough that one could happily eat it. I know according to an ancient quote (that I can’t remember off of the top of my head) the jar contents were supposed to be pansperma/pankarpia, spring water and olive oil.


      • July 30, 2008 7:39 PM

        Diasia was the 23rd (maybe 28th?) of Anthesterion (from what I’ve read, it’s significant that this happened directly following the Anthesteria festival, as a purification), which would make it February 18 in 2009.
        The Pompaia was sometime during the end of Maimakterion, which is usually around the second or third week of November. I don’t think it’s really related to the harvest. It may be placed there because the whole month was named after Zeus Maimaktes, and indicates the beginning of the wintry season.
        Where exactly are you deriving the harvest/spring associations?


        • July 30, 2008 8:02 PM

          It was something I read on the ‘net, I think but for the life of me I can’t remember what or where it was. Whatever it was, it made me think of Zeus’ connection to the land, crops and harvest because of his control of the weather. The results of the harvest go into the pantry/cellar which is where the Ktesios jar is found. So once in the spring in hopes of a good growing season and once in the fall in thanks for the harvest.
          Looks like I’ll need to search for it again, but unfortunately, I’m supposed to be packing for our trip. I love to travel but I SO hate to pack. Any way I won’t have time to search it out until I get back, I think because of my other ritual obligations and packing.


        • July 30, 2008 8:05 PM

          Oh, I get how it would make sense to replace the ktesios jar contents once in the spring and once in the fall… I’m just not sure that the Diasia and Pompaia were ever connected with any of that.


        • July 30, 2008 8:11 PM

          What is your take on the purpose of Diasia and Pompaia?



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